Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon

January 5, 2013

This weeks inaugural bourbon review is for Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Bourbon. It is bottled by McLain and Adkyne. Website: Being a “little r” republican, I may be showing just a bit of favoritism given their homage to one of our most recognized founding fathers and 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson.

Batch No. 212
Bottle No. 1529
Proof: 82.3 (43.15%)
North Carolina Price: $28.95 (750ml)
Served: Neat and then on the rocks.

The bottle I purchased was packaged with a special edition glass as pictured. It was quit interesting given its very simple design and single label. It simply says Jefferson’s across the center front while incorporating an image of the former President along the back wall of bottle glass creating this unique, almost 3D view trough the bourbon. A very nice amber appearance with a round spout and ample wooden/crooked top.

Upon opening the bottle, a pleasant oaky aroma filled the nares. The first sip proved equally enjoyable. At this price point, one should expect a very full, rich taste that does not overwhelm the platte. Jefferson’s Very Small Batch did not let me down. My first sip impression was a very smooth feel. It brought flavors of carmel, vanilla, and mild clove with hints of oak. There was a feel of richness and mild spiciness that filled the senses as swirled around. The finish was also pleasing with a hint of pepperiness that felt good all the way down. Adding ice to this bourbon only seemed to enhance the smoothness and soften the finish. The beverage is great for special occasions, but affordable enough to enjoy anytime.

At the 25 to 35 dollar range, I would rate this bourbon (on a 1-5 scale) as a 4.5 for taste and a 4.5 for value. Trey Zoeller and his father Chet have done an outstanding job producing this fine spirit.